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Online Shoppers Favorite Plush Pig Toys

Check out these adorable stuffed pigs. These are some of the all-time favorite plush pig picks of online customers like you!

My Pillow Pets Pillow

My Pillow Pets Pig Pillow


My Pillow Pets get great customer reviews.

Machine washable—fluff dry.

Undo velcro on belly to create pillow. Redo velcrox to create pet.


Aurora 13" Plush Carrying Pack

Aurora Oink Pig Lil' Pack


Who could say it better than this Amazon customer?

“My daughter received this for Easter. It's a nice size and is deceptive in the picture. It's NOT A BACKPACK. it's one adjustable strap and a side zipper. It's beautiful, well made, soft plush, and the tail is springy and cute! A unique bag that is a delight to my almost 9 year old, pig loving, daughter. ”


Nursing Nuna Pig

Nursing Nuna Pig Toy

Plush piglets attach to mama pig with magnets.

Piglets' different colors make it easy for a child to tell them apart and name them.

Amazon Review:

“I realized that it is an educational toy. Pigs are mammals. They nurse their young, and this is a wonderful way to show a child how normal it is.”


Aurora ‘Pearls Before Swine’ Plush Pig

Aurora Pearls Before Swine Plush Pig


12-inch plush pig.

Part of Aurora Pearls Before Swine collection—fashioned after comic strip by Stephan Pastis.

Great desk gift. Faithful to comic. Popular with both adults and children.

Read Amazon reviews.


Jellycat ‘Cordy Roy’

Jellycat Cordy Roy 15 Inch Stuffed Pig



15 Inch soft plush stuffed pig toy.

Weighted in butt and feet so that he'll sit easily.

Read this satisfied customer review.


Aurora Dreamy Eyes Pickles

Aurora 10" Plush Dreamy Eyes Pig "Pickles"



Cute 10 fellow reflects Aurora's commitment to quality.

Lock washer eyes for safety. Fillled with beans.

3+ years.






Webkinz Pig Pink




This cute, fuzzy piggie is popular with Webkins fans.

Measures 10 inches.

Comes with special code for internet play.


Two Other Webkinz Stuffed Pigs


Webkins Stuffed Animal Plush Floppy Pig

Webkinz Plush Floppy

Webkinz Deluxe Signature Plush Figure Pig

Webkinz Signature Deluxe


Folkmanis Pig Puppet

Folkmanis Stuffed Pig Puppet

Unlike many stuffed pigs, this farm friend does more than simply hang the sty ( uh...bedroom).

As a puppet, he rests on your forearm. You get to move the mouth to make it talk, sing, or—let's face it—snort.

This is a great teaching tool, and the little ones love the pig's smile and curly tail.


Amazon Review Excerpts:

“This is a very durable, wonderfully constructed toy. Stick your hand in this critter and it comes to life immediately...

“This is one of these situations where I should know better but I just can't help it. Mr. Piggy is almost like a member of the family...

“Mr. Piggy has been a great comfort to my little daughter, telling her stories, telling her not to eat anymore bacon (suggesting beef and poultry as alternatives), and telling her funny jokes.”

“We bought this puppet for a Charlotte's Web themed reading program.
The kids love it. It was well worth the price.”


Folkmanis Winged Piglet Finger Puppet

Folkmanis Winged Piglet Finger Puppet

3 1/2” piglets have magnets in their noses—so two of these cuties can kiss!

Typical Amazon reviews:

“CUTE!!!!That is all I can say for this sweet little "oinker". I collect pigs, and had to get it for my growing collection.Nice for young and old. Great service!”


More Delightful Stuffed Pigs

Aurora Stuffed 12" TubbyWubby Pig

Aurora Soft & Cuddly
TubbieWubbie 12”

Ty Sniffs Stuffed Pl;ush Pig Toy

Ty Sniffs 8”
With Scratch-off Code


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