The Super Zeros

The Super Zeros are unique plush toys that contain both positive and negative traits that children can identify with.

Many are also eligible for FREE Super Saver shipping through Amazon when you meet Amazon's minimum purchase requirements.


Super Zeros Zonk The Monkey

The Super Hersos Zonk the Monkey plush stuffed toy




Ze Super Zeros Zonk the Monkey can climb anything! But, alas, he's afraid of heights.

Can your child help his of her little buddy come to terms with this very human problem?



Each Zero Hero comes with a removable cape, plus a small pouch for kids to carry a tiny secret treasure! These characters contain a variety of colors and textures that are attractive and stimulating for children. These stuffed toys are typically about 10 inches tall and, per the manufacturer, suitable for all ages.



Ze Super Zeros Zipo The Hippo

The Super Heros Zippo the Hippo plush toy




We each have something special about us. Zipo the hippo can swim at super speeds!

But, like all of us, he has challenges to overcome: He hates to get wet!



Super Zeros Zoco The Crocodile

The Super Zeros Zoco the Crocodile stuffed toy



Zeros character Zoco the Crocodile has super strong teeth that can bite through anything!

So what's his handicap?

Well, these super strong teeth are forever and always dirty.


The Super Zeros Cast of Characters

The team of super zeros is stonger than any of the heros individually. They can help each other overcome and get past their weaknesses, just like we can with each other to be stronger.



Zaza The Mouse Plush toy

The Super Zeros Zara mouse plush toy



Zaza has the superpower to crawl through very tiny spaces! But she's afraid of the dark.

Can you help this Super Zero?



Ze Super Zeros Zola The Koala

The Super ?Zeros Zola the Koala stuffed toy



Zola the koala is a nocturnal creature that can see in the dark and stay awake the entire night!

But don't try to get Zola to do anything in the daytime—you won't be able to rouse her!



Zebu The Zebra Super Zero

Zebu the Zebra Super Zeros stuffed toy



Super Zeros Zebu the Zebra can hide from anyone, using his stripes as camouflage.

Unfortuantely, poor Zebu is always getting lost. Who can help him find his way?



Super Zeros - Zigg the Tiger

The Super Zeros Zigg the Tiger stuffed animal




Super Zeros Zigg the Tiger is not only beautiful, but very, very smart!

But poor Zigg is so forgetful that he needs someone to remind him to wear his cape!


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