Unique Easter Gifts

Looking for unique Easter Gifts? Hippity hop down this page to discover great Easter gift ideas for both kids and adults.


Bunnies by the Bay Petal the pink plush bunny rabbit

Bunnies by the Bay Petal




This plump pink bunny obviously ate too much Easter candy.

He's infant safe, but as nearly two dozen delighted customers emphasize, he's adored by cuddle bunnies of all ages!



Gund "B is for Bunny" cloth learning book

B is for Bunny Book




This Gund “B is for Bunny” fabric book makes an adorable Easter gift.

Here's a sample page and here's a review:

“This book is so sweet! The ears and feet are perfect for little hands to grip. It's perfect to keep little one busy in a "quiet" situation such as Church or a play, etc. I'd love A and C-Z!!”



Ty Eggsworth Pink Plush Easter Bunny with Egg

Ty Eggsworth




Ty Eggsworth Easter bunny comes with her own egg.

10 inches tall. Note the cute floral pattern on Eggsworth's paws and the insides of her ears.



Ty Hello Kitty beanie baby with yellow jumper and pink bunny ears.

Hello Kitty Beanie Baby





This Ty Hello Kitty Easter Beanie Baby makes a great basket stuffer for the Hello Kitty fan.

It gets solid 5-star reviews from Amazon customers.



MiYim 9 inch plush Fairytale Collection Baby Victoria the Bunny

miYim Baby Victoria


This miYim 9” bunny makes a great organic cotton baby gift for Easter. Recommended ages: 0 - 3.

Made of all natural materials and mineral dyes, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Gets a number of great reviews, like this one:

“I was really excited to find this plush toy. My step-sister just had a baby and I thought it was great to give her a completely organic toy for the new baby. More toys should be made to this specification. ”



Gund 13-inch plush stuffed "My First Bunny" is white and comes with either blue or pink highlights

My First Bunny




Gund 13” My First Bunny plush toy makes an adorable and memorable First Easter gift.

Comes embroidered with the words, “My First Bunny.”

Available in pink or blue.




Baby Gund: My First Easter Basket with plush Easter Bunny, chick, and Easter Egg

My First Easter Basket

This delightful Baby Gund Easter basket is infant-safe.

My First Easter Basket includes a developmental bunny toy that rattles, an Easter egg that crinkles, and a chick that chirps!

Gets nice reviews like this one:

“My daughter told me my grandson loved the toys in the basket. He took them to daycare the day after receiving them.”



Ty Beanie Babies Max and Ruby set of plush rabbits, based on Nick, Jr. TV series

Max & Ruby Set

Ty Beanie Babies Max & Ruby rabbits make unique Easter gifts for fans of the Nick, Jr. TV show.

This set has received nearly 100 joyous comments like the one below:

“My daughter LOVES Max & Ruby. There are so few toys out there with these characters; I was so excited to find these for her. They are a hit with her and her brother and sister. Cute and cuddly!”



Baby Gund Plush Lamb "Winky White"

Baby Gund "Winky White"



This cute cream-colored lamb make's a perfect first Easter gift.

It's baby-safe with a soft filling and a quiet rattle in its belly.

Learn why babies and toddlers love it.



Bestever soft, plush lamb baby mat: 31 x 30 x 3 inches and machine washable.

Lamb Baby Mat


This soft, plush Bestever lamb baby mat measures 31 x 30 x 3 inches and is one the more unique Easter gifts.

Bestever Baby Mats elicit DOZENS of Rave Customer Comments like this one:

“I got this for one of my daughters, she loves it. She loves to lay on it and do tummy time on it and she even naps on it on occasion. It is also adorable! I get so many compliments on it.”



Sing-a-ma-jigs Plush Easter Bunny: Sings "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Easter Bunny



This cute Sing-a-ma-jigs plush Easter Bunny sings, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”

When you squeeze its belly, this rabbit makes bunny sounds. Says, “Happy Easter!” and “Hi there!”

Has a small but devoted fan section.



Zhu Zhu pet Fluffy is one of the more unique Easter gifts

Zhu Zhu Pet Fluffy


This Zhu Zhu pet bunny is one of the more unique Easter gifts.

Fluffy runs on batteries...and boy does he run! In Explore mode, he scampers all over the place, making dozens of different sounds as he encounters objects.

In Loving mode, he makes chittering sounds when petted.



Bunny Rabbit Crystan Pendant in Rabbit Shaped Box

Bunny Pendant




This bunny rabbit crystal pendant makes a special Easter gift for a young girl.

Kids love the rabbit-shaped storage box almost as much as the necklace.

These customer comments point to its uniqueness.



This Toy Vault rabbit hand puppet based on the Monty Python man-eating rabbit is the closest you'll come to an evil Easter bunny.

Evil Easter Bunny




If you've seen Evil Easter Bunny pictures, you'll have to admit that this Monty Python man-eating rabbit is evil reincarnated.

Those fangs will scare the bedickens out of anyone, right?

Ideal for Holy Grail fans!



These neat 3-D Easter Egg Puzzles by Ravensburger make unique Easter gifts. They are simple, fun, and last longer than real Easter eggs.


Ravensburger 3-D Easter Bunny  Egg Puzzle

3-D Easter Egg Puzzle




This Ravensburger Easter Bunny egg puzzle makes a great basket stuffer.

It can either stand on its pedestal or be hung like an ornament.



Ravensburger 3-D Lamb Easter Egg Puzzle

Lamb Easter Egg Puzzle

Ravensburger 3-D Rooster Easter Egg Puzzle

Rooster Easter Egg Puzzle


Peanuts for Easter? Why not?


Peanuts Easter Beagle Yahtzee game with peanuts dice.

Peanuts Easter Beagle Yahtzee




This Peanuts Easter Beagle Yahtzee game makes a memorable Easter gift.

Comes with a collectible Easter egg-shaped container; custom Easter Beagle score pad; and collectible dice featuring Peanuts characters.


Yummy Chocolates—Unique Easter Gifts


I thought I knew chocolates—until I tasted Madelaine chocolates. They blew me away! They were the most yummy, creamy, delicious chocolates I had ever tasted!

For years I lived less a mile away from the Madelaine Chocolate Company in Rockaway Beach, NY. They had a small gift shop where you could buy as little as a couple pieces of chocolate. AWESOME!

I'm delighted to be able to offer some of their Easter specialties on this site. I guarantee, you can't go wrong with these gourmet treats.

This Madelaine Chocolate Easter Bunny keepsake filled with delicious milk chocolate eggs is one of the more tasty and unique Easter gifts.

Easter Rabbit Giftable





This Easter rabbit from Madelaine Chocolate Company is filled with what could be the WORLD'S MOST DELICIOUS milk chocolate eggs.

Savor the chocolate Easter eggs, and keep the bunny figurine forever!




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