Webkinz Koala

Find the best Webkinz koala bear for the bear-lover in your family.

Koala Webkinz

Stuffed Koala Webkinz Bear

This adorable koala says a lot with just its eyes!

It draws a bunch of enthusiastic comments from Amazon custmers—like this one:

“My mom bought a Koala webkinz for me and she suprised me. It was so cute because it was soft and fluffy. When I found out I grabbed the webkinz and adopted it online in about 20 seconds.”



Adventure Series Koala

Webkinz Adventure Series Plush Koala Bear



Webkins' Advenure Series koala comes with extra online privileges:

Go on a quest, complete the necessary tasks, and win awesome prizes!



Webkinz Signature Koala

Webkinz Koala Signature Series Bear



This cute Signature Series koala by Webkinz is soft and cuddly, but also makes a great collector's item.

Comes with factory seal code tag for online play.


Lil Kinz Stuffed Koala Bear

Webkinz Lil Kinz Koala Bear


This 6” Lil Kinz koala is much cuter than the picture indicates and is great for younger children.

Typical Amazon Review:

“I bought this little koala and was very happy with the service and animal. She is very soft and has cute little arms and a sweet face. It is fairly realistic and I was very happy with it.”



Koala Kinz Klip

Webkinz Kinz Klip Koala



Your Webkinz Kinz Klip lets you attach your koala to your backpack or purse and carry it with you everywhere!

Comes with original tag and code for online fun!



Koala Archeologist

Webkinz Stuffed Archeologist Koala Bear


Go on a neighborhood dig with this cute Webkinz archeologist figure!

Comes with online code.



Webkinz Music Starz Koala

Wevbkinz Music Starz Koala Bear with Kinz Klip & CD



This Music Starz koala comes with a cute Kinz Klip for attaching to a backpack or belt loop.

Also comes with the popular Kinz Tunes CD, which includes the song, "Koala Holiday!"



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