Webkinz Sherbert Bunny
Plus Other Great Webkinz Rabbit Toys

Webkinz Sherbert Bunny. Webkinz Rabbit and Lil'Kinz white mini rabbit, plus other Webkinz bunnies for Easter including Cotton Candy Bunny.

Webkinz Sherbet Bunny

Webkinz Sherbert Rabbit


Extremely popular Webkinz sherbert bunny makes a great present for Easter or any time of year.

Special Item: Springtime Basket Chair
Special Food: Creamy Carrot Sherbet

Released: April 2007
Retired: March 2008

New with unactivated tag. Ages: 4+

Shocked by the asking prices for this Webkinz rabbit? Refuse to pay them? Here's a very popular inexpensive alternative to the Sherbet Bunny.


“The Sherbet Bunny is one of the softest most cuddly Webkinz ever made.”

“It is the cuddliest, softest, amazingest bunny webkinz ever!!!!! I have 27 webkinz and Bella (my sherbet bunny) is one of my favorites.”

“I gave this toy to my grandson for easter...I thought he would love a bunny, and HE LOVED IT!!!!! ”


“These are cute toys for the kids. However, I'm appalled that this item is selling for the price that it is.”

Check out the prices on Amazon US here.

Note: Webkinz plush animals are potentially unsafe for children under 3. Since a big part of the Webkinz experience involves online play with a pet’s virtual component, these toys are most appropriate for children 6 - 13 years of age.

>Popular Alternatives to Webkinz Sherbert Bunny

Webkinz Plush Cotton Candy Bunny

Webkinz Cotton Candy Bunny

This bunny is a great alternative to the Webkinz Sherbert Bunny, especially if you're looking for an Easter rabbit or simply a pink bunny.

Special Item: Suddenly Spring Trampoline Special Food: Carnival Candy Carrots

Released: Feb. 2009
Retired: No


“...wonderful and so cute and soft...so adorable!...the ears are especially soft!...my child's favorite webkinz...”

“Great toy and a soft, squishy "cuddle" friend for my little girl who is 6.”

“Cotton Candy Bunny makes a fantastic Easter Basket Gift for children young and old!!!!”

“The Cotton Candy bunny is a silky-soft toy "in person", and is definitely more pretty and colorful than may be apparent from the product photograph.”

Price it on Amazon US here.

Webkinz Rabbit

Webkinz Rabbit Stuffed Plush Animal

12” white rabbit—a favorite—and a great alternative to Webkinz sherbert bunny.

Special Item: Rabbit Eared Television
Special Food: Carrot Cake Supreme

Released: August 2005
Retired: No


“Wonderful...AWESOME WEBKINZ RABBIT!!!...soft and sweet and so cuddly...Kids Love it!...really REALLY cute!...a must have for any rabbit collector...My daughter was so happy!”

“I gave [my grandaughter] this one for Valentine's Day and she jumped up and down when she saw the gift.”


“Not as cute as other webkinz stuffed animals. I really believe that could have done quite a bit more to make a rabbit cute and they did not. ”

Find the price on Amazon US here.

Lil'Kinz Mini White Rabbit

Webkinz Lil Kinz Stuffed White Mini Rabbit

This cute 5” tall rabbit is a smaller version, even cuddlier version of the Webkinz Rabbit and is another popular alternative to the Sherbert Bunny.

Same special Item and food as the Webkinz Rabbit. Makes a great addition to any Easter basket.

Released : January 2007
Retired: No


“My daughter loves bunnies and this little one is so cute and cuddly - she just loves it!”

“Cute and Fun, what a white Fuzzy!”

“My 6 years old love it! small very nice, she goes to sleep with this toy every night...”


“You most likely won't get a plush as pretty as the one in the photo, I didn't. The one I got had a lumpy not-so-bunny-like face, but it's ok...I recommend this highly for children and adult collectors.”

Find the current price on Amazon US here.

Webkinz Signature Deluxe Dutch Bunny

Webkinz Signature Deluxe Plush Dutch Rabbit

If the Webkinz sherbert bunny is the ideal Easter gift, the Dutch bunny may be the perfect Valentine's present.

Special Item: Tulip garden
Special Food: Boerenkoleslaw

Released: February 2010
Retired: No

Typical Amazon review comments:

“Amazing!...very realistic... extremely soft...very beautiful... pink velvety ears and the cutest pink nose!...best signature yet!”

“My Mom bought this for me as a Valentines Day gift and I absolutely love it!”

“It's worth the money to buy even if you're not a Webkinz fan. I think that adults who like stuffed animals would like this too.”

Check out the price on Amazon US here.

Webkinz Marshmallow Bunny

Webkinz Marshmallow Bunny Rabbit

Yet one more Easter (or anytime) alternative to the Webkinz sherbert bunny!

Special Item: Marshmallow Seeds
Special Food: Miniature Marshmallow Plate

Released: February 2010

Retired: No


“Cutest webkinz bunny ever...The avatar on Webkinz world is very cute and hops with floppy ears...The sweetest bunny...Super Cute Webkinz :-) ”

“The marshmallow seeds he came with are great! the kids had so much fun planting them in the virtual gardens and watching them grow!”

“I'm an adult webkinz fan and I really thought that this bunny is worth purchasing for the animal as well as the virtual pet.”

Hop on over to check out the price on Amazon US here.


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