Zanies Dog Toys

Zanies dog toys provide wild and crazy fun for both you and your pet.


Zanies Dog Toys: Set of 4 Colored Bungee Geckos


Set of Four 16” bungee geckos Zanies dog toys with squeakers in heads and tails.

Toss ’em, tug ’em! The bungee body stretches to 24.”

Also available individually.



Zanies Attaack a Jack Plush Stuffed Dog Toy



Zanies 11” Attack-a-jack dog toy consists of three intersecting plush bones.

There's a squeaker in the end of each bone—6 squeakers in all.

No matter how this toy lands, it's easy for dogs to grasp.



Zanies Giggling Veggie Carrot Dog Toy, Pictured with Giggling Tomato, Egglplant, and Pepper Dog Toys



This 9” plush carrot is 1/4 of Zanies veggie pet toy theme.

Also available are Veggie Tomato, Veggie Eggplant, and Veggie Pepper.



Zanies Preppy Puppy Blue Plaid 8" Plush Dog Bone Toy



Zanies Preppy Puppy 8” dog bone toy.

I'll take one! It looks just like the bow tie my mother made me wear as a kid.



Zanies Clippety-Clop 9" Plush Horse Dog Toy




Zanies 9” Griggles Clippety Clop plush horse dog toy.

Makes clippety clop and galloping sounds when squeezed or shaken.



Zanies 18" Collossa-Bone Plush Dog Toy and Pillow



This 18” bone & bed is one of the largest Zanies dog toys.

It's exterior consists of soft berber fleece. Inside it contains a squeaker.


Zanies Li'l Barnyard Babies Dog Toys

These li'l barnyard critters are crazy cute. They serve as both cuddly toys and roly-poly balls for your dog to chase and fetch. Each ball contains a loud squeaker.

“Okay, now, Mac...GO!!!...Go get that Li'l guy !”



Zanies Li'l Barnyard Babies Lamb Plush Dog Toy




This Zanies 2 1/2” Baby lamb dog toy is my favorite of the three Barnyard Babies.

It looks like someone stuck a hundred year old man's beard on this little guy.



Zanies Li'l Barnyard Baby Piglet Stuffed Dog Toy



This Zanies piglet dog toy is 2 1/2” tall, like the other Barnyard babies.

Notice that there are six appendages by which a dog can grab this toy and fling it into outer space. Neat design!



Zanies Li'l Barnyard baby Calf Plush Dog Toy




Zanies Barnyard Baby calf has a ring through its nose—a cute touch that dog's won't appreciate but owners will.

Dogs WILL appreciate that tuft of fur sticking up from the calf's head, don't you think?


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